Mary Jane Haley

4717 Saratoga Avenue

Downers Grove, IL 60515



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Performance Contract

It is hereby agreed upon that Mary Jane Haley will perform:

Name of Program:

Number of Performances:

Date of Performance:

Time of Performance:

Address of Performance Site:

Name of Contact at Performance Site:


Telephone Number:


Performance Fee, Payable to Mary Jane Haley:


Unless otherwise noted, no deposit is required.  Client agrees to pay entire fee upon conclusion of performance(s).  Mary Jane Haley is not responsible for cancellation due to illness, injury, or inclement weather.


Mary Jane Haley Signature Contact Signature
Representing (i.e. School Name, Library Name, etc.)
Date Signed Date Signed

Please sign and date two copies of this document and return one copy to Mary Jane Haley at 4717 Saratoga Avenue, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.